Pukka Tea

Pukka Tea

Pukka herbs have created delicious organic herbal teas to match your every mood and moment. Specially blended by master herbalist Sebastian Pole, each of their blends is full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefit.

The range we carry includes:


organic cinnamon, cardamom & ginger tea – to warm & invigorate.

Three Mint

organic peppermint, spearmint & fieldmint tea – to refresh & soothe digestion.

Chamomile & Vanilla

sweet & soothing organic herbal tea.


organic rose, chamomile & lavender flower tea – to warm your heart.


to help you feel on top form.

Three Ginger

organic ginger, galangal & golden turmeric tea – to uplift & warm.

Night Time

organic oat flower, lavender, limeflower & valerian tea – for a peaceful night’s sleep.


organic chamomile, fennel & marshmallow root tea – to calm & soothe.

Morning Time

organic rooibos, honeybush & red ginseng –  for a caffeine-free lift.


organic peppermint, fennel & rose tea – to uplift & balance.

After Dinner

organic fennel, chicory & cardamom tea – deliciously aromatic & calming.

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